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Asphalt Paving for Private Roads & Driveways

H & H Asphalt Paving Contractors are the residential & commercial paving specialists, we know paving, we know repairs, and more importantly, we know what it takes to earn your trust and respect. We have been serving residents of Georgia with quality projects, within budget and on-time with minimal disruptions for your tenants and customers!

What is sealcoating a road?

Pavement sealing, known as sealcoating, is a process used to seal cracks and protect the existing pavement from elements such as water, oils, and U.V. damages.

The driveway or parking lot is thoroughly cleaned with blowers and sweepers to ensure a clean surface.

  1. We use a power edger and trim and remove any grass or dirt along the edges of the area to be sealed.
  2. We treat oil spots with proper primer
  3. Cracks are blown out with compressed air and filled with a hot rubberized crack filler.
  4. We add sealer by applying it careful and neatly with a brush and spray application technique.
  5. We close off the area sealed, to keep traffic and pedestrians from using it.

What are the benefits of Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a maintenance technique used to seal cracks and give the pavement a new fresh look.

Benefits include: 

  • Sealing cracks
  • Protecting the Existing Pavement
  • Fresh new smooth look

How long does it take for Sealcoating to dry?

It take 24-48 hours to dry fully.  We recommend 48 hours.  During the first 7 Days it’s wise to drive easily on the surface to prevent markings.

What's Slurry Seal? Is Slurry Seal the same as Sealcoating?

Seal Coat

  • High Quality Liquid Asphalt applied with Seal machine with Spray and Squeegee applicator.
  • Drys in 24 Hours
  • Life Span 2-3 years


  • Cold mix paving treatment thicker than seal coat.
  • Drys in 24 Hours
  • Life Span 5-7 years