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What is sealcoating?

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What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating can be defined as the process of applying a protective layer to your asphalt pavement so as to protect the pavement against oil, water, and UV damage. In addition to protecting your pavement or driveway, sealcoating also makes the place more beautiful and slip resistant.

Sealcoats are in a liquid formulation of acrylics or bituminous based products, mixed with silica sand, water, polymer additives, and various other proprietary fillers. Sealcoats can be applied using a brush, squeegee, or spray.


Why Should You Sealcoat your asphalt pavement?

Some of the reasons why you should sealcoat your asphalt pavement include:

Protection for Pavement

The primary reason why you need to sealcoat your asphalt pavement, driveway and the parking lot is for adequate protection. Sealcoating helps in protecting the pavement from oil spill, chemical spills, water penetration, and oxidation. What’s more, sealcoating also protects your asphalt pavement against frost, rain, and snow damage.


Extend Life of Pavement

Sealcoating helps to extend the life of your asphalt pavement, parking lot, and driveway. Since it offers adequate protection against oil, water, UV damage, and other extreme weather conditions, sealcoating offers an incredible way to safeguard your investment.


Reduces Repair Costs

Furthermore, sealcoating helps in reducing long-term repair costs. Since it offers enough protection, it will take time before any damage occurs to your pavement. Even when the damages eventually occur, they are minimal. Hence, you won’t need to spend much on repairs.


Accelerate Snow and Ice Melting

Snow and ice are known to cause freezing and thawing of pavement. Sealcoating helps to accelerate the melting process of the snow and ice on the pavement surface, thus, limiting their negative impact on your driveway or parking lot.


Enhances Appearance

Asides protection, sealcoating also helps to make your home and its surroundings more beautiful. By applying sealcoat to your asphalt pavement, the appearance of both the building and the surrounding landscape can be enhanced.


How Often Is Sealcoating Recommended?

Typically, sealcoating is often recommended every two to three years to provide suitable protection for your asphalt pavement and driveway. However, by scheduling a sealcoating program regularly, you can significantly extend the life of your asphalt.

Spending a little cost on sealcoating may be all you need to save on expensive asphalt repair or replacement. In fact, sealcoating is more cost-effective when compared with spending money on every per square foot of asphalt maintenance.


What Is Binding?

Binding can be referred to as the process of increasing the strength, stiffness, and durability of a material by making use of substances referred to as binder or binding agent. The aim of the binder is to help draw or hold other materials together, thus, forming a cohesive whole both chemically and mechanically, by cohesion or adhesion. Binders can range from rock, stone, gravel, and so forth.

Asphalt binders are anionic asphalt emulsions which are designed to be used as a tack coat for paving, patching, and coating processes. The content of the asphalt binders will help enhance the strength, durability, stiffness, raveling, fatigue life, and moisture damage of the HMA mixture performance.



There you have it! Above is a detailed overview of what sealcoating entails, the benefits, and when you should sealcoat. Sealcoating offers adequate protection and helps extend the life of your asphalt pavement, driveway, and parking lots. Cost of maintenance, repair, or replacement is also reduced to a large extent.

Above all, sealcoating also helps to make your building and its surrounding landscape more beautiful. By sealcoating every two to three years, the life of your asphalt pavement will be significantly extended. If you haven’t considered this, guess its high time you sealcoat your asphalt pavement.